Value(s)?is our podcast series for investors seeking to align values of companies with the value of their portfolios. In each episode, we discuss developments currently shaping the Food revolution and Danone’s approach to sustainability, covering specific themes of its Environmental, Social and Governance strategy like climate change, packaging, regenerative agriculture, biodiversity or social change.


Katie Hill
Executive Chair of Management Board of B Lab Europe
Adam Grant
General Manager of Danone EDP UK

In this episode, we are talking about B Corp certification, why it helps to drive sustainable shareholder value and why it matters for a company like Danone to be the first very large company to achieve this global status in the next five years.


To do so, we are hosting three speakers: Katie HILL, Executive Chair of Management Board of B LabTM Europe; Adam GRANT, General Manager of Danone Essential Dairy and Plant-based UK; and Cécile CABANIS, CFO of Danone.?

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