Health & Safety


In a constantly evolving economic and social environment, adapting to health and safety challenges is a priority for Danone. Every day, our business works to guarantee a safe working environment for all employees.  To do so, everyone who works in Danone is asked to personally contribute to our culture of safety at all our sites, all over the world. Access to health education and health care is also available to every “Danoner” and to date over 70,000 employees in 25 countries have benefitted from our Dan’Cares program.

60% of Danone employees live in emerging countries where healthcare systems are often expensive to access. In order to protecting Danone people’s health and wellbeing, in 2009, the Dan’Cares program was launched to provide health coverage to all our employees worldwide for hospitalization and surgery, maternity care, medical exams and pharmacy services.


Danone is committed into keeping every people who works for the company safe. Since 2004, in order to promote safe working environments, we have developed a worldwide program called WISE, with the aim of developing a safety culture at all of Danone’s sites and to significantly reduce the number and seriousness of workplace accidents. Thanks to this program, Danoners are empowered to manage their safety and that of their colleagues. In 2015, Danone enhanced this program, renaming it Wise2, with more ‘stretch’ goals by 2020 including, cutting fatal accidents to zero and reducing by half the number of workplace accidents leading to time off (compared to 2014 levels).

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