Back in 1972, Antoine Riboud was stating that the employees’ development and the company’s growth, go hand in hand. This vision of a dual economic and social project has inspired our reward and recognition programs. From ensuring motivating compensation packages, to designing benefits schemes that support the development and the health of Danone employees, we provide various kinds of rewards and recognition consistent with our culture and our way of doing business.

A fair assessment of performance

An accurate managerial process has been set up to ensure that Danone employees understand their objectives and are able to achieve them. Several interviews are organized during the year in order to set and assess objectives. These are good opportunities to measure if objectives were reached, mostly considering the way each objective was reached. The performance process rewards the individual contribution and the potential of the each employee, based on fair criteria.

A motivating compensation policy

Our Compensation policy is aligned with competitors & offers salary that a market-leading company can offer. Through regular benchmarks, we make sure that our compensation and benefits packages are competitive versus the local market level. We apply harmonized Compensation & Benefits policies and practices at country level for all employees. Our variable compensation plans are meant to be an effective level of management and motivation. For instance our short term incentives are a good expression of the dual project as well as a clear example of our collective approach to success. Beyond recognizing individual contribution, they also reward social & economic collective performance. Objectives are set on these 3 pillars: economic performances, collective social objectives and personal objectives.

A range of benefits to take care of the health & well being of employees

When it comes to benefits, being a food company with a strong health mission is also highly influential. We take the health and wellbeing of our employees seriously and we want our programmes to resonate with this mission.


60% of Danone employees live in emerging countries where healthcare systems are often poor. Because good health within the company is of major importance to the company, in 2009 Danone launched the Dan’Cares programme to provide health cover to all employees worldwide. As of December 2015, some 70.000 of the company’s employees receive basic health cover. This significant social achievement has boosted Danone’s employee commitment.

Healthy lifestyle

Danone has a purposeful mission: bringing health through food to as many people as possible. And we want to make this mission a reality for our employees in their daily environment. A healthy way of life is promoted and encouraged in most of our sites: on-site gym, well-balanced meals, health advices, free yogurts and water, challenges and games organized to make Danoners eat and behave in a healthier way…

Support for personal life

At Danone, we want our employees to be proud of their professional life in their personal life. Danoners are encouraged to behave in accordance with their own lifestyle, especially parents. Many types of support are offered to parents and parents-to-be : parental leaves, possibility to ask questions to experts, support in finding childcare services, webinars, ‘keep in touch’ days with managers ... We also promote a flexible working policy, where each schedule can be organized in order to be consistent with our employees’ way of life.

A developing and fun environment 

Beyond proper compensation, we place a strong emphasis on recognition through proximity management. It can include celebrations, exposure and of course learning opportunities. A way for each manager to distinguish each individual and team in a customized way.

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