Waters Strategy

Water is life

Our mission is to bring healthy hydration and safe drinking water to people throughout the world, in a way that preserves natural resources and improves lives, now and for generations to come.


We do much of this through WeActForWater, a set of urgent actions, ambitious objectives, and new investments.??


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Investing in the circular economy of packaging, keeping bottles in the loop and out of nature

  • Packaging is essential to bringing water and its health benefits to people, and this needs to be done in the most responsible way.
  • Danone’s water brands are accelerating its packaging transformation beyond plastic and single-use materials by:
    • developing more reuse and refill solutions – almost half of Danone’s water brands’ volumes are already sold in reusable formats (mainly in Indonesia, Mexico and Turkey) and the aim is to accelerate the expansion of this to Western countries;
    • offering alternative packaging materials;
    • investing in new “enhanced” recycling technologies like Loop;
    • co-building highly efficient bottle collection systems in all countries where it operates, collaborating with government, industries and consumers to ensure no bottle is used only once.

2025 targets

  • halving the amount of virgin PET used;
  • reaching 50% recycled PET (rPET) use worldwide and 100% rPET across Europe (with evian’s bottles at 100% rPET worldwide);
  • achieving 100% recyclability (from 88% today);
  • AQUA in Indonesia collecting more plastic than it uses.

2020 actions

  • all Volvic’s products in Germany, all evian and Volvic small formats in France, and evian on-the-go products in the UK will be made from 100% recycled PET;
  • launching new large formats (above 5L), which reduce the usage of plastic per liter by 20 to 40% and are made with 100% recycled PET;
  • AQUA currently collecting more than 12,000 tons of plastic bottles per year through Recycled Business Units across Indonesia.



Accelerating progress to reduce carbon emissions and become carbon neutral


2030/2025 targets

  • Danone’s water brands aim to be fully carbon neutral across Europe by 2025

2020 actions

  • Evian and Volvic will become carbon neutral full scope, by reducing emissions throughout product life cycles and investing in carbon-positive projects that protect or restore natural ecosystems[1].


[1] evian has been carbon neutral in the US, Canada, and at the brand’s bottling site in France since 2017, and in Germany and Switzerland since 2019


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Matching each liter sold worldwide with access to safe drinking water for communities in need in Asia, Africa and Latin America

  • Danone will anchor a new blended Water Access Acceleration Fund (W2AF), working with fund manager Incofin Investment Management.
  • The fund aims to raise €50M, with Danone providing catalytic capital of €10M. 

2030 targets

  • The fund, building on Danone Communities’[1] work over the past 12 years, will contribute alongside other Danone initiatives to bringing health through water to 50M people.
  • For every liter of water Danone sells, it will help to provide access to one liter of water to people in need.

2020 actions

  • This will start this year with Volvic matching every plain liter sold.



Enhancing watershed and biodiversity preservation around the world

Working with an internal network of expert hydrogeologists, Danone will continue investing in locally-developed, nature-based solutions, working with other users (e.g. farmers, communities, local authorities and the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands since 1998) to lead water preservation for future generations. This work also fosters biodiversity enhancement, livelihoods improvement, carbon capture and more sustainable water resource management.

2025/2030 targets

  • Full water stewardship programs will cover 25 watersheds by 2025 and 46 watersheds by 2030.

2020 actions

  • Danone’s water brands will accelerate their preservation programs in the 70 watersheds they operate in. 
[1] Danone Communities is a venture capital fund supporting early-stage social businesses solving the dual issues of water access and malnutrition


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B Corp - B Lab Logo
  • The collective of Danone’s water brands will seek B Corp Certification[1] worldwide by 2022, joining the global movement to build a more sustainable and inclusive economy.
  • Currently the collective water has five B Corps (covering more than one third of Danone’s water brands’ turnover), including AQUA, the biggest B Corp certified company in Asia[2].
[1] B Corp certified businesses seek to balance profit and purpose by measuring the impact of their decisions and operations on workers, suppliers, communities and the planet.
[2] Danone’s B Corp certified water bransd are: Danone Waters America (US and Canada); Danone Waters Spain; Danone Waters Germany; Aguas Danone Argentina; AQUA (Indonesia)

Our Waters Brands

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