Danone Manifesto Ventures

Bringing the Food Revolution to life by partnering with a tribe of disruptive entrepreneurs

Danone Manifesto Ventures is a corporate venture group located in New York City and Paris. It was born out of the manifesto, a public declaration that embodies our commitment to supporting people in their efforts to adopt healthier choices and lifestyles by caring about the health and wellness of our communities, our planet, and current and future generations.

Together with its portfolio companies, Danone Manifesto Ventures aims to create a healthy and sustainable future of food. Danone Manifesto Ventures offers mentorship and support to help companies grow and scale, thanks to subject matter specialists, financial experts, and Danone's world-class expertise and resources.

Comprised of a flexible, knowledgeable team of investment and operational experts, Danone Manifesto Ventures is committed to preserving the start-up and emerging brand autonomy. Danone Manifesto Ventures invests early in innovative companies that are bringing high potential emerging brands, concepts, or capabilities to the market. Then, they nurture them to the next stage of development by providing mentorship, financial assistance, operational support, and business expertise. In doing so, the cross-fertilization potential is unlocked, enabling Danone to also learn from its partners.

Since its inception mid-2016, Danone Manifesto Ventures has made several investments including Michel et Augustin in France, as well as Farmer’s Fridge and Harmless Harvest in the United States, among others.

Click here to learn more about Danone Manifesto Ventures and its investments.

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